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Jiangsu Yongsheng air Conditioning Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, design, manufacturing, engineering installation, commissioning and maintenance services of special air conditioning products such as naval air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, military air conditioning and mine air conditioning. It is a national torch Program key high-tech enterprise, jiangsu Provincial Key High-tech enterprise and intellectual property protection unit, Jiangsu AAA Credit enterprise, Jiangsu Provincial Advanced Quality management Enterprise, and owns jiangsu Provincial Academician work station and Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Center for Special Air-conditioning equipment. In 1988, the company developed China's first Marine air conditioning unit and replaced the import, creating a new era of air conditioning for ships. For a long time, the company adhere to the "to do special air conditioning experts, one hundred evergreen enterprises" vision, to "create the ideal environment for special space" for the mission, the pursuit of "based on the top of industry, create a leading enterprise in the field of special air conditioning" goal, attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation, strengthen personnel training, strengthen the cooperation with many scientific research colleges and universities, emerging in the compny, refrigeration and air conditioning industry, become the domestic air, sea and land, to form a complete set of refrigeration equipment suppliers. At present, we have 5 national key new products, 4 national torch Plan projects, 2 Torch projects of Jiangsu Province, 5 new high-tech products of Jiangsu Province, 3 first (set) major equipment products of Jiangsu Province. We have 14 invention patents, 54 practical patents, and many products have won provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards. Products through the national 3 c certification, eu CE certification, American ASME certification, explosion-proof certification and BV, LR, CCS and other major classification recognition, widely used in national defense, aerospace, ships, ships and oil platforms, medicine, chemical industry, satellite launch base, packaging, food, mine and other areas and places, and exported to Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, the americas and other more than 10 countries and regions.

Over 30 years of trials and hardships, YongSheng people hard, work hard, cast the enterprising, always hit high tenacious style of work, made remarkable achievements, "endless, rising" spirit of enterprise has been deeply into the soul of the enterprise, "the good faith, professional, harmony, innovation" the core concept has become the guide of employees. Company will adhere to the "speed up the development, rich employees, return society" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to "lead the market demand, to create the ideal value" business philosophy, to continue adhering to the spanning development, innovation and development, good faith development, the concept of harmonious development, to serve the society, the benefit of one party as own duty, looking to the future, keep pace with The Times, seize opportunities, speed up the development, strive for the revitalization of the local economy! "Good faith creates great achievements, innovation opens up the future". Yongsheng people integrity, hard work, and strive to create and continue to write the glory of Yongsheng!